Sunday, April 28, 2013

Update on the SCEI-1BLOOD Cultwatch Group and the Cult

As you are awaiting our soon to come breaking story, let us take a minute to update you on some of our successes since launching our site late 2012.

Since the launch of the site, six, COUNT EM! SIX, cult members have woken up and left the cult to pursue better opportunities! That may not sound like many, but with only around 40 Macon, GA cult members, we are rapidly approaching the 25% mark of defectors!

Additionally there are now three active legal investigations including FBI and local investigations into the cult, a broad awareness of SCEI-1BLOOD crimes within its circle of influence including many key officials who were duped by them, and more-so, our site is growing in popularity within the local community!

On the heels of the coming charges against key members, we predict that there will be a massive surge in public outcry and member defections.

To those of you who support us, who have testifies and provided written statements, videos and photographs, to those of you who pray for us, and to those of you who are making a stand for your communities in rooting out these terrorists, WE THANK YOU! YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!6

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