Sunday, April 28, 2013

SCEI-1BLOOD Cult -Famine, hoarders, and toys! Prophecy Workshop 2008

2008 ban on lead in Childrens toys are discussed. Kenneth D Jackson further points out the effect on the U.S. economy and then laughs as he discusses how this will benefit his cult.
He then uses a classic fear mongering tactic, basic in mind-control, to explain to members the horror of times to come, the consequences of members who failed to follow his instructions, and the special provision by GOD for those who weren't there at the time, to scare the cult into compliance. He then shares that he will no longer be available as he was in the past, and that instruction would be passed down through others. Again, a classic cult strategy of building up his following, and then detaching himself to go and enjoy his wealth and privilege free from the day to day running of the cult. To justify this he says that he has his "hands full" as an "Apostle and Prophet." (HAHAHA! Let us be glad that Jesus Christ is not represented by this man!)

Then he goes on to boost the ego of his cult by explaining how advanced they are above all the rest of humanity, and how the ignorance of the masses will result in persecution should they ever actually voice their "superior" knowledge to the masses. Again, the people persecute Satans kingdom, thus he must put in place a fear in his cult for sharing what they know by trying to disguise his lies by scaring his members from revealing those lies to those who might see through them.

He uses the example of toys to show the tyranny and evil of the United States Government, and uses it to further scare his members into anti government sentiment and radicalism.

He further goes on to say that his organization and cult will become a medium of shipping these poisonous toys to other children! Instead of recognizing the problem of poison in toys, he justifies himself by claiming that he is not only helping himself, but also helping the environment by using SCEI-1BLOOD to ship poisonous contaminated toys to innocent children in other countries where laws do not exist to regulate them!

Furthermore, he goes on to explain how SCEI-1BLOOD can "exploit" the opportunity of selling these poisonous toys to innocents, collecting profits and then sending those profits back to the government!!! This is a clear cut example of SCEI-1BLOOD tactics and lack of concern not only for people, but for little children, despite their words!

Finally, he goes into a discussion of food. SCEI-1BLOOD uses food to control its members by convincing members of shortages and then portraying itself as the only source of food to survive, thereby enslaving them through there own desire to survive.

He talks about 1BLOOD's exploitation of the internet and how SCEI-1BLLOD will dominate search results because of its staff of internet people placing it high on search engines. Well lets just look at the evidence! I have single handedly conquered their entire staff, including Iyel Bey, by using the TRUTH! When you type in 1BLOOD, you see SCEI-1BLOOD FRAUD! That is because the lies will not overcome! I am one man against an entire organization, and yet I am 20 times more effective than the entirety of the 1BLOOD media propaganda machine!

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