Saturday, January 4, 2014

Gambia: Hippos Again! Central River Farmers Lament Latest Invasion

Hippos' rampage is not a new thing in the Central River Region (CRR) with one incident after the other.

It appears that even as steps were recently taken in other parts of the country to address the perpetual threats meted out on farmers and local dwellers such as the case in the Kombo East district of the West Coast Region, farmers in the apparent epicenter of hippos, CRR, continued to endure their ceaseless rampage on their fields and villages.

 It was this situation that led the alkalo of the agrarian community of Jahally village in Lower Fulladu West District of CRR south to march to the office of the governor on Tuesday to lodge a complaint about the recent attacks. -Read more here

Senegal drivers boycott Gambia over currency fight

Senegal drivers boycott Gambia over currency fight ZIGUINCHOR, Senegal (AP) Drivers in southern Senegal have refused to cross into Gambia after Gambian officials began demanding that all fees be paid in West African francs.

 Papiss Toure, president of the drivers collective in the southern city of Ziguinchor, said the boycott of Gambia began Thursday and involved drivers throughout the region.

 Gambia is a tiny sliver of a country that cuts into the middle of Senegal, separating the southern region from the capital, Dakar.

Gambia: Bans Lifted On Two Media, but Much Still to Be Done

Gambia: Bans Lifted On Two Media, but Much Still to Be Done
Gambia's few independent media are often threatened on the grounds that they pose a danger to state security. Media personnel live in constant fear and censor themselves. Journalists who cause offence may have their passports confiscated to prevent them leaving the country. Others are subjected to judicial persecution.

 The announcement lifting the bans on The Standard and Teranga FM urged them to "operate within the framework of the laws governing the media in this country." But this offers few guarantees as the main media law, already one of the most repressive in Africa, was made even tougher last July. -Read more here

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Former political prisoner in Gambia speaks out against Jammeh Dictatorship

Con man Ambassador Kenneth Jackson's alliance with disgraced Gambia embezzler Ansumana Jammeh

Disgraced U.S. con-man and cult leader Kenneth D. Jackson was recently featured in a video that announced the formation of his own Gambian football team the “Ambassador Dr. Jackson Football Club” with Ambassador Ansumana Jammeh of Qatarr.

International Con-man Ambassador Kenneth Jackson’s unholy alliance with disgraced Gambia embezzler Ansumana Jammeh

Disgraced U.S. con-man and cult leader Kenneth D. Jackson was recently featured in a video that announced the formation of his own Gambian football team the “Ambassador Dr. Jackson Football Club” with Ambassador Ansumana Jammeh of Qatarr.

The video appears to show the two men in alliance with each other as bother appear to be comfortable and at ease in the safety of Kenneth D. Jackson’s compound in Gambia.

Ansumana Jammeh has come under heavy internal political fiar in recent months as a result of his abuses of power and presumed betrayal of President Yahya Jammeh by installing callboxes within his affiliate company of Gambian propaganda machine Gamtel.

In a recent letter to Jammeh a warning was sent making it clear that Jammehs angry at the embezzlement and betrayal of Ansumana was nearing a peak and that he should escape the country while he still could.

Yahya Jammeh is known internationally for his extreme paranoia and eagerness to murder and imprison those close to him in both the government and private sectors.

Hailed as a dictator by most of the world and the west Yahya Jammeh is rarely referred to under his official title of President or His Excellency when referred to in the international press.

The question on many Gambian and intelligence officials’ minds alike is “what is the relationship between Kenneth Jackson and this notorious crime family?

Raising further alarms arrest reports have been found in Atlanta, Georgia pertaining to Ansumana Jammehs incarceration less than 100 miles from Kenneth D. Jackson’s SCEI-1BLOOD Headquarters in the United States.

Two records were found for Mr. Jammeh one from 2011 and the latest only 6 short months ago. Both arrests occurred after Kenneth D. Jackson claimed to be starting an operation in the Gambia with Jammeh.

The 2013 arrest included the following charges: Driving without a license, expired tag, unlawful possession display or use of fraudulent Identification documents and giving a false name, address or birthdate to Law Enforcement.

The arrest occurred on Cobb Parkway in Marietta, Georgia.

Ansumana Jammeh represents only one more among a growing list of criminal and terrorist organizations which Kenneth D. Jackson and his religious cult SCEI-1BLOOD International continue to affiliate with openly.

The video was published by SCEI-1BLOOD cult member Iyel Bey, although no author has claimed credit for the propaganda video.

Is the Gambia Football Association the next target of con-man Ambassador Jackson?

Disgraced U.S. con-man and cult leader Kenneth D. Jackson was recently featured in a video that announced the formation of his own Gambian football team the "Ambassador Dr. Jackson Football Club" with Ambassador Ansumana Jammeh of Qatarr.

Con-man Ambassador Kenneth D. Jackson targets Gambia football leagues

Cult member Iyel Bey has published an odd new video, apparently the property of the Gambian Radio & Television Service (GRTS), the state run propaganda program of the dictator and war criminal the dishonorable Yahya Jammeh.

The video announces the formation of a rag-tag unofficially endorsed football (soccer) league in the Gambia.

To add to evidence that Kenneth D. Jackson is a self-centered egomaniac, he distastefully named his own team the “Ambassador Dr. Jackson FC.”

In the video Mr. Jackson shamelessly exploits the youth of the Gambia to forward his own political agenda stating that he wants to focus on promoting and positively impacting the young people of Gambia. Someone should write a book entitled “Dictatorship 101” and make this the opening chapter.

The amateur shot video shows footage of unrelated football players engaged in sport wearing unrelated jerseys, and then cuts to an obscure video of Dr. Jackson standing with a small group of Africans surrounding a small pile of cheap amateur football gear piled in the grass at what appears to an SCEI-1BLOOD facility in West Africa.

The camera also zooms in to display a jersey which proudly misspells the team name in classic Dr. Jackson fashion. The Jerseys read “Ambassado Dr. Jackson FC.”

The video also associates Kenneth D. Jackson with President Jammeh’s treacherous counterpart Ambassador Ansumana Jammeh who is now the center of a statewide scandal centered around his betrayal of President Jammeh by embezzling and potentially undermining the state-run Gamtel propaganda machine.

Many insiders now believe that Ansumana Jammeh and his associates may now be in imminent danger of a state endorsed assassination campaign of Ansumana and his associates.

This development could bode poorly for Ambassador Jackson, who has closely affiliated himself with the junior Jammeh and may also be a target for political retribution by the government.

This video was released on Iyel Beys thinly veiled SCEI-1BLOOD propaganda website, Beywatch.

No other link to this video, or any other evidence of its legitimacy as a reliable news report has been brought to light.

A preliminary search for the news report on the GRTS website failed to turn up anything about this story from official GRTS sources online.

Additionally, no tell-tale professional media trademarks were found in the video.

NoMore1BLOOD has dispatched an official inquiry to the GTRS editor verifying the integrity of the video and will post the response, positive or negative and amend this report to reflect accurately.

If history is any clue, this is most likely just another in a long line of media frauds by SCEI-1BLOOD founder and CEO Kenneth D. Jackson.

Former members recalled discussions with Kenneth D. Jackson during which the cult leader and con-artist revealed his intentions to start such a club for the purpose of gaining the public support of the people and to create a media and branding platform to endorse his own political and religious agenda through propaganda.

This plot was at the time geared towards his operation in Liberia prior to his expulsion from that country.

This journalist himself was a part of a team name think tank, with the final name chosen by Kenneth D. Jackson being “1BLOOD Eagles.”

Now, due to the overwhelming success of the cult activist group NoMore1BLOOD, Jackson has begun distancing himself from the brand, likely leaving Iyel bey to act as a fall man and scapegoat for the ensuing SCEI-1BLOOD fallout as he did with accused child molester Andres Rivera Fuentes, a high level member of Kenneth D. Jackson’s organization.

Because no standard copyright notification has been included in the video, NoMore 1BLOOD has republished the video at the following link.

If as we suspect the video was created by Iyel bey or SCEI-1BLOOD as a phony news report we expect to receive a copyright infringement from them, proving the fraud was perpetrated by Dr. Jackson himself.

Otherwise we will be informed by the GRTS that the video is legitimate and will conform with all applicable copyright laws.

In its current form, the video can only be reasonable considered a part of the public domain with no known author.

SCEI-1BLOOD International is a bible-based cult located at 5 Joyce Drive in Macon, Georgia which actively engages in blackmail, extortion, investment fraud, tax evasion and is part of an ongoing FBI investigation.