Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Twiggs County Torture linked back to SCEI-1BLOOD!

The recent torture of a local Twiggs County resident, Robert Luce, is now firmly established as being carried out by a member of the cult of SCEI-1BLOOD (Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM International) of which Mr. Luce was also a member.

According to the official report, Mr. Luce was taken by gunpoint on his way to Sabbath services at the Miracle Manor cult compound, and then tortured with red hot scissors.

The money which the cult members were after based on a previous robbery of the contents of three safes, held on Mr. Luce's property. One of the safes belonged to his son Clayton Luce.

Robert Luce was held at gunpoint and then brutally tortured with red hot scissors along his neck and back until he would reveal the location of hidden money caches. Mr. Luce finally relented and gave the location of a small sum of money which the thieves took, leaving him tied up with the gas stove burning unlit in hopes that he would die.

The mastermind behind this crime, Mr. Denis Jones, was also an employee of Mr. Luce and the caretaker of his property.

Denis Jones had been previously incarcerated due to failure to pay child support and was subsequently released from jail by Robert Luce's son, Clayton Luce, who paid all outstanding fees and had Mr. Jones released.

Soon after, Clayton Luce hired Denis Jones, out of charity, to maintain his property and to give Mr. Jones a means for satisfying his debts. Through Clayton, Denis Jones was accepted in the Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM International and became a baptized member.

Soon afterwards, he was hired by Clayton's father to care-take his property nearby.

It was during this time that Denis Jones learned about the wealth of the two employers and plotted to steal from them. The first robberies occurred when Mr. Jones stole several thousand dollars from Clayton Luce inside of his home.

Later, he and his gang robbed both Luce's of several hundred thousand dollars by stealing several safes full of money and precious metals.

Finally, they robbed and tortured Mr. Luce on his way to church and left him for dead.

Currently, the cult known as SCEI-1BLOOD International is under active investigation for even more serious crimes which are scheduled to be formally announced on this Wednesday.

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