Tuesday, July 9, 2013

SCEI-1BLOOD International: Fear us or die!

In this video Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM International / 1BLOOD International ( SCEI-1BLOOD International ) headquarters pastor Smoke Jackson gives an emotional fear mongering plea to his congregation, laced with spiritual and physical threats designed to terrify his members into giving up their rights to think for themselves and to submit to the authority of the cult administration.

This is an excellent case study for recognizing the subtle methods of fear based mind control used by destructive bible-based cults.

It begins with Smoke Jackson revealing that he has once again been stricken with a bizarre tragedy, being struck by lightning (evidence for those with eyes to see that he clearly isnt under God's protection.) This is to establish to the group his overwhelming sacrifice as the humble leader of a flock. He even hints that it is not yet his time to die, but reveals that his martyrdom as a human sacrifice is coming in the future. Furthermore he reveals that both Kenneth D. Jackson Sr and the African pastor are suffering from serious health problems.

After this he threatens members with ominous warnings of the "9th hour" coming to a close, meaning the last chance for salvation and exemption from being burned alive in fire.

He goes on to say that "he is not pointing fingers" towards members, while obviously pointing fingers.

The most disgusting part of the video is that this pedophilic criminal gangster and murderer uses fake tears and claims to be some sort of voice for God. Imagine the punishment Smoke Jackson and Kenneth Sr. will receive. He will say "I never knew you."

In the end, the message is simple. "we are the true Elect of God", and everyone that is not a member of SCEI-1BLOOD International is less than us.

Let it be known, here today, that Sovereign Church of ELOHIYM International is a false church and a part of Satans system, and that Kenneth D Jackson Sr. and Smoke Jackson Jr. are anti-christs who deceive humanity with vein hopes and false teachings.

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