Monday, July 8, 2013

More false SCEI-1BLOOD copyright claims proven fraudultent

The following digital images are further evidence that a number of the fraudulent copyright claims made by SCEI-1BLOOD lackey Iyel Bey are actually the creations of Clayton L Luce. Mr. Luce owns the original photoshop composites of these images, claimed as copyright violations by SCEI-1BLOOD, in original .PSD format for which scam artist Iyel Bey has no originals. In a court of law, I will be able to provide time stamped .psd originals that SCEI-1BLOOD will never be able to duplicate, despite its criminal claims.

This is just one of literally hundreds of clear evidence that I, Clayton L Luce created the works which Mr. Bey and Kenneth D. Jackson are falsely claiming to own.

Example of my digital work being used by SCEI-1BLOOD International. Found at

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