Monday, July 8, 2013

SCEI-1BLOOD alleged pedophile Andres Rivera-Fuentes - Proof that he was in the cult

In this video we will see accused child molester Andres Rivera-Fuentes conducting Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM International / 1BLOOD International Sabbath Services. In this video we will see the alleged sex offender conducting his duties within the cult SCEI-1BLOOD International.

Furthermore, the clear evidence that SCEI-1BLOOD is a dangerous and destructive cult is found in the video as the "announcements" go on. Classic cult language is used as Mr. Fuentes announces the "consequences" for "violating" the 1 mph speed limit, and further goes on to state that ushers are "extensions of 'ELOHIYM's (Gods) divine administration" and that members can either have seats dictated to them like cattle, or "follow there own agenda outside of 'ELOHIYM's Sanctuary".

After that, financial scams are revealed as he manipulates members into accepting. The breakdown is full cost for male adult head of household, half charge for spouse and college students, and 1/3 cost for teens.

After these announcements, Mr. Fuentes reads a list of sick members (despite the claim that SCEI-1BLOOD members experience divine health) followed by an update on Kenneth D. Jackson (the false god and idol of SCEI-1BLOOD.)

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