Saturday, December 22, 2012

SCEI-1BLOOD International propaganda machine at it again

The local cult leader Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM International and 1BLOOD International "Bishop" Smoke Jackson is at it again! This time they are attempting a repeat of a strategy they used a few years ago in trying to garner public support...donating turkeys. How fitting.
Last time around they used members money to purchase turkeys in order to stage a news article to be published in the Twiggs County news paper. Of course the news article was written by their own staff and painstakingly edited. I remember because I was there and wrote the article myself.
I still remember the boasting of Smoke Jackson about how the community would finally see that SCEI-1BLOOD was doing the work of God, as well as the lengthy meeting prior to the donation where members were coached in what to say and how to act, and am still amazed at the degree of insincerity that permeated the event. It was clear then and now that this has nothing to do with helping the community.
After the event Smoke Jackson and Minister Jo Jackson expressed to me disgust and anger over the fact that the local Department of Family and Child Services did not give SCEI-1BLOOD International the credit that they felt it rightfully deserved and because the free and public serving local newspaper edited the article further without their over-site
Propaganda and personal credit of course is the TRUE purpose of these little public relations stunts, as evidenced by their efforts this time to bag each turkey into a special branded package with the SCEI-1BLOOD International logo prominently displayed for all to see. If they can't get the credit, then feeding the poor and hungry is a waste of time.
This is evidenced by the fact that no free-press was allowed on site to properly cover the event and ask questions outside of the scripted punch lines. It is actually more likely that none of them cared enough to bother.
Of course we appreciate the opportunity to witness a rare occasion in which the Miracle Manor administration is actually using its coerced funds for something other than personal limo rides and fancy hotels and back rubs, even if it is entirely self serving in the end.
They further tried to legitimize themselves by inviting the local Sheriff and Magistrate to receive the gifts, which was little more than a strategy to take some staged photographs with public officials and a clever self written news story to go on the front page of their own propaganda site. Obviously no other respectable new outlet would be interested in publishing something like this anyway. It goes against the very essence of a free press.
My question is this. Does the local Sheriff actually buy this garbage? Our experience with him says no, and who wouldn't drive out to accept a donation like this regardless of having to participate in some sort of phony reception ceremony? Public officials and politicians must do this regularly as a part of their daily jobs, so we are not intimidated by this stunt, nor should the public be fooled.
They have on numerous occasions expressed to me schemes for getting the local Sheriff Darren Mitchum into their pockets, including things like sending him gifts and Bibles and supporting his campaigns. This of course is not unusual for corporations and the rich, but certainly is inappropriate for a cult claiming to be the true church of God, in the example of His Apostles.
We do not however believe that Mitchum is fooled by these types of things and are glad he is here. He is a good Sheriff, and as the evidence against against the cult begins to mount, we know he will do a good job at cleaning up this mess. On that matter the local community will be in full support.
We hope the public accepted their turkeys and ate them with their families. Enjoy it, you probably won't see another act of goodwill from them for some time to come.
Let's all sit back and watch what they do next. Maybe next time, in the example of Christ, they will be able to give a gift without demanding public attention and personal praise. It may be unlikely, but people can always change.
This article is being published as a public opinion article and not a news story, however we have put in an official request to SCEI-1BLOOD International CEO Kenneth D Jackson for an official on-the-record news interview, but he has not yet responded.
In the five years I was actively involved with them I never once saw them allow an interview or on-site inspection by any legitimate news organization or reporter. I can't say I blame them. It's hard to write about what they are saying, when we are more inclined to write about what we are seeing!

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