Sunday, December 23, 2012

SCEI-1BLOOD International bus donation, courtesy of Robert Luce

Last years article titled "Ambassador does it again!" warrants a little further examination.
In that article it was stated that SCEI-1BLOOD International was donating the buses to the Gambia in expression of Kenneth Jacksons concern for humanity.

The buses for which Kenneth D Jackson of the cult Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM International and 1BLOOD International claimed to have donated to the Gambia are still sitting on the Macon, Georgia Miracle Manor property, exactly where they were almost two years ago.

In a follow up to that story, it should now be revealed that in addition to the buses never being shipped, they were in fact donated by Robert Luce of the Blue Bird Corporation founding family to 1BLOOD. He was himself indoctrinated into the cult sometime in 2003.

Mr. Luce, who recently made headlines when he was brutally tortured by the gang of another SCEI-1BLOOD cult-member Dennis Jones, and in which Mr. Jones played an active role, donated the buses to SCEI-1BLOOD over five years ago and several of them are now in a state of disrepair.

Others have been fitted out with aluminum foil sheeting and used as storage units in order to prevent government helicopters from seeing inside according to casual statements made by Kenneth Jackson prior to the announcement of the Gambia donation.

The June 2011 article also stated " The buses are Bluebird TC2000 Diesels customized for the African climate and road conditions, while the ambulances are refurbished Ford E350s, 7.3 turbo diesels."

1BLOOD's claims that the buses have been fitted out for the special road and environmental conditions are also false. Although seats have been removed in the storage buses, no additional upgrades have been made to the vehicles. They still have original tires, motors, suspension, glass, doors, exterior bodies and electronic systems.

The ambulances are also in a state of gross neglect and have not been moved since the donations story two years ago. They are sitting on flat tires and it is doubtful that they run at all. Moreso, no refurbishments were ever made to them.

Local members of the community are curious as to whether this was simply another publicity stunt, and if not, at what point will the buses be upgraded and modified or shipped to the Gambia?

Inquiries to Kenneth Jackson for an interview have gone unanswered.

This is not the first time that Kenneth Jackson and 1BLOOD International have claimed credit for Mr. Luce's donations.

Most of his diplomatic trips, including his diplomatic trip to the Gambia as well as many if not all of SCEI-1BLOOD Int'l. rice programs are also funded through the donations and tithes of Mr. Luce, who's personal finances allegedly make up the lions share of SCEI-1BLOOD Internationals financial base.

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