Monday, December 16, 2013

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!!! Iyel Bey Launches a vulgar smear campaign against cult enemies

Iyel Bey of SCEI-1BLOOD International has produced a slander video against SCEI-1BLOOD cult watch founder Clayton L. Luce (me) which includes accusations of theft, betrayal and spiritual wickedness.

Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, it contained no response to the many serious criminal allegations against Kenneth D. Jackson or his cult-like church group Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM International.

The first is an excerpt from a video by Clayton Luce in which he described a graphic story SCEI-1BLOOD cult leader Smoke Jackson told to his lieutenants (of which Mr. Bey was not.) which is taken out of context by by editing out audio/video and then claiming that it was part of a sermon given by Mr. Luce.

The second is a smear piece in which the cult rehashes its previous accusations that Mr. Luce stole documents and betrayed trust given to him by church leaders when he left the church out of conscience and revealed the many crimes and injustices both experienced and revealed over the course of his experience in the church and thereafter. In addition, it goes on to further allege that Mr. Luce was also implicit in the torture of his father, despite the fact that the professed criminals responsible (which include a SCEI-1BLOOD member) are now all in prison.

Both serve to further evidence SCEI-1BLOOD's determination to provide resources and efforts towards anything but dealing with the Truth. Why did Kenneth D. Jackson lie about his education, affiliations, and professional credentials if he is God's Apostle and chosen world leader?

The response to both videos, issued by Clayton L. Luce as a letter on the video comments at YouTube is as follows:

Ha-ha-ha. That skeet story was some of the funniest stuff I ever heard. Smoke Jackson was actually so drunk I doubt he even remembers it by now, but he actually tried to convince another member in my presence that skeet robbing women were an actual legitimate threat and the reason God said we shouldn't spill our seed onto the earth. Skeet was his term though. It always made me uncomfortable when he talked about it. I prefer the term cum. To me, thats just what it is.

 I guess I had no choice at the time but to believe it since back then it was unconscionable to question "Administration." I didn't actually buy it deep down. When that man started drinking the stories got weirder and weirder - like murder weird. 

Nice one Iyel- you got me back. Lol. 

I find it interesting that you call it a sermon. (ahem) for those of you new to this feud - these people, including Iyel, believe that some Georgia witch doctor is actually the modern day King of Africa and the "Apostle of the One True Church of 'ELOHIYM" and that the rest of us (you and me) are actually controlled by demons and are either wicked living or non-elect living. You get the idea. The only thing missing from this whole fiasco is space aliens and poisoned kool-aid. 

Oh yeah, and they built the pyramids. My bad. haha. 

Anyway, Iyel,  as much as I'd love to dust off the ole' PC and create an expose on your own past- which I have generously not done- I won’t.  Frankly I tried from the beginning to warn you not to get involved so that your name didn't wind up in the middle of all this. I don't have to imagine what its like to be living under a PATRIOT Act America as a member of an extremist religious cult. Frankly, I am sorry that I was forced to engage you in the manner that I have and continue to have to in good conscience. I realize that your still in the dark on so much of the bigger picture that you can't even comprehend what the truth or lies actually are. 

Kenneth Jackson Sr., Smoke and myself are operating on a level totally above and unknown to you. We play on a whole different field of knowledge. You still require KD or Smoke to reveal to you which facts are pertinent and which are not, and you follow blindly. You are simply out of your league. If you wish to make funny videos or further give your opposition more evidence of the desperation of your masters as justice closes in 
then you must do as you will. I hardly care besides enjoying the videos and debating the facts with friends. My name and my life are dirt anyway I, unlike you, have no illusions. Clayton L. Luce is but a speck of dust in time...a fiction. 

So go for broke. I wont be sidetracked into some childish slander fest with the hired help. At least not where it is necessary for justice. I have no desire to defend my own reputation as my fruit, like yours, will speak for itself. Your masters know me better than that. Tsk, tsk. I can't blame them for trying though. 

I've produced volumes of documents, recordings, strenuous research, and other forms of evidence documenting the corruptions and criminal activities of SCEI-1BLOOD and Kenneth D Jackson. Why should I tremble when the very best that my opponent has been able to offer in retaliation so far  is a silly little cartoon full of undocumented allegations about my professionalism and an out-of-context video excerpt that is actually of itself a story showing the delusions of your own masters? How about some evidence. I've shown mine, why not show yours?

I guess since I left the church has just absolutely lost its public relations strategies and political understanding. If Jackson learned anything from me it should have been that the issue now- in terms of the public curiosity- is not my own character or the churches response to my character. The public has been waiting to see one of two things: 

Whether the church presented a rebuttal to the accusations by presenting some form of evidence that the allegations I was making were false. This would be the obvious response of any innocent individual or organization. 


 Whether the church engaged in a slander campaign against me in order to make the evidence against it disappear by discrediting the source, which while it can help in certain legal cases, this option has very little value in terms of public relations as people aren’t stupid and won’t be fooled that easily. At least not the few that actually matter on a political level.

For a while, I will be honest, we all started to think that the church was taking the political neutral option: remain silent and not be counted a fool. 

Now this question of church response has been answered. 

I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. Hail Mary it and hope for the best. If the ship is sinking anyway, why not make a last ditch effort to plug the leaks. For the most part my role is done anyways. I was just the whistle-blower. I'm not the authorities and its no longer my daily burden. All evidence is laid bare, including many of my own sins and shortcomings - may God have mercy on us all.

In the meantime why not make a video that actually refutes my allegations. Like the name of his Alma Mater of an accredited university where he received his Doctorates? Proof of his titles or any government state department that can or will verify any diplomatic status of Kenneth Jackson at this time or at any time in history? People don’t give a crap about me. There is no story with me. Some white dude joined a cult and got a DUI and smokes delicious tobacco out of a pipe like Gandalf. So what? I’m not a pulitzer writer or big shot journalist so that people want to read or watch videos about me. 

International terrorists and murderers on the other hand….

I will say as a side note and in closing: I found your allegation that I was involved in the brutal torture and theft of my own father and the vast majority of my own personal wealth and savings to be terribly offensive and outright stupid- even for you. Surely KD must have lost his intellectual faculties if he actually endorsed that view publicly. I doubt that he did. If so he has indeed fallen quite low from the heights he thought he would be enjoying right now. Its valuable to me that both of these videos are now on the record and affiliated with the church through your name. Both of these videos will be featured on our free anti-1blood blog at All of the information from the previous paid domain is now found there. 

Good Luck!

Clayton L. Luce

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