Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Con-man "Ambassador" Kenneth D. Jackson, Sr. to defraud Gambian Investors?

The disgraced con-man and cult-leader, "Ambassador" "Dr." Kenneth D. Jackson, the SCEI-1BLOOD (Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM / 1BLOOD) cult leader who now lives in relative obscurity in light of several ongoing investigations ranging from child molestation to potential ties with terrorism, has once again publicly admitted his relationship with the puppet dictator and warlord Yahya Jammeh, President of theGambia.
In a report released by the state propaganda newspaper, Daily Observer, Mr. Kenneth D. Jackson has once again revealed to the public his unwavering support for the brutal military leader, Yahya Jammeh, who took the government by force during a military coup and has since been connected, and allegedly responsible for corruption and state endorsed genocide within the Gambia.
Jackson once again repeated his previous statements about the safety of the Gambia and its potential as an economic power base in the region and the world. Jackson, who has claimed diplomatic status as an Ambassador in two different countries, also claims to be Gods divine leader on earth.
He has also made public claims to be the single appointed global Ambassador of the one true church of God, a position which he claims to have inherited from former World Wide Church of God leader Herbert W. Armstrong, who also claimed to be God's Ambassador on earth and the modern day Elijah- a position similar to Mr. Jackson's own self claimed incarnation as a modern day Joseph.
Jackson, an American native born to several generations of U.S. citizens or slaves, claims to be a descended King of West Africa and the rightful sole heir of a huge swath of West Africa encompassing the Gambia, Liberia and Sierra Leone- two other countries in which Jackson tried unsuccessfully to rise to power, allegedly resulting in his general exile from those places.
After two failed attempts at setting up a powerbase using agriculture, it seems he may now be shifting his strategy towards the manipulation of economics.
In the report released last week, entitled "Ambassador Urges Investors to Make Gambia Preferred Choice," Jackson made reference to his first "diplomatic" mission, which in fact he has previously admitted had not actually been formally endorsed by the state departments of the Gambia, Canada or the United States.
That trip further resulted in his somewhat public humiliation when the U.S. Government refused to acknowledge him at all causing him to cancel a supposed "U.S. leg" of the trip during which he was supposed to meet with "top leaders" in Washington, D.C.
He claimed that the U.S. government "had refused to properly acknowledge and formally invite him» which insulted his position of authority and meant that they would have to "come begging" later.
This writer spent over 14 days covering the Canada trip as part of Jackson's personal entourage and was witness to a variety of dishonest claims, attempts to commit fraud as well as a fully pre-planned murder plot to eliminate a former member of Jacksons organization.
While in Canada Jackson used multiple false claims and credentials to attempt to defraud private industry leaders to investing in massive infrastructure programs in Gambia- including a giant floating deep water seaport.
Among those targeted by Jackson were shipping magnate Blair McKeil and equipment and scrap trader Bill Van Ravenswaay.
The murder plot was to occur at Ravenswaay's scrap yard on Highway 56, Canfield, Ontario.
Ravenswaay, Jacksons primary host and "strategic partner" (in his own words) was during a portion of that trip incarcerated on gun charges stemming charges levied against him as the result of Project Heist, a five month OPP investigation focusing on W.G. Equipment, owned by Van Ravenswaay.
This investigation charged that Van Ravenswaay and his son, Trevor, ran a Haldimand County company that shipped stolen vehicles and parts out of Canada.
Van Ravenswaay faces a total of 38 charges over the exports, altered vehicle identification numbers, forgery and possession of a prohibited weapon.
Jackson, has also been conclusively linked to several other frauds, including using false credentials, investment scams and even frauds as wild as involvement with a false branch of the Knights of Malta which was responsible for numerous frauds and subject to several criminal investigations,.
Among the known deceptions of Ambassador Apostle Dr. Kenneth D. Jackson, Sr. are a fantastical false CV which claims him to be a King, Diplomat, Ambassador, Apostle, Indian Chieftain, Special Attorney, Holistic Doctor, Dentist, University President, and much more.
The education listed on his CV includes two defunct diploma mills and the University of Maryland College Park which has adamantly denied that he ever attended, including issuing a formal letter of denial.
The question on everyone’s mind now is, what is the real relationship between President Jammeh and Kenneth D. Jackson, Sr., why is he claiming to be Ambassador-at-Large, why is the State propaganda rag endorsing it and lastly, how many more victims will be left in the wake of this man?
Even as his religious cult following in Macon, Georgia U.S.A. reel from the blows of the criminal trial of Jackson's number three administrator for aggravated child molestation, which extends to his own son Smoke Jackson, and while multiple family's struggle to piece together lives broken and young girls forever scarred by the sadistic abuses of Ambassador Dr. Kenneth D. Jackson, Sr. and his organization, he is still at his old games playing God with politics and further complicating geopolitical factors already at play in West Africa and the World.

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