Friday, May 31, 2013

SCEI-1BLOOD Strikes Back!!! Censorship the only weapon left!

Cult member Iyel Bey who's latest exploits include playing lawyer for SCEI-1BLOOD
Cult member Iyel Bey who's latest exploits include playing lawyer for SCEI-1BLOOD

In the latest news regarding SCEI-1BLOOD International, cease and desist letters have been issued against several publishers of unfavorable material about SCEI-1BLOOD, claiming copyright infringement.
Several photographs, videos as well as an article, have been temporarily removed from news outlets, social media sites and video tubes as a result of a cease and desist letter written by Iyel Bey, the false "investigative reporter" who has been behind a number of SCEI-1BLOOD frauds.
In the letter, Mr. Bey claims to be an authorized agent of SCEI-1BLOOD and is acting on their behalf.

Now get this! Isn't this the same Iyel Bey who pretended to be an independent investigative journalist and who pretended that he never met Kenneth Jackson in the A Closer Look: 1BLOOD videos? Another lie has been uncovered by SCEI-1BLOODs own missteps and miscalculations. Now it is virtually impossible for them to defend the propaganda film as being legitimate, thanks to another stupid mistake by Mr. Bey.
The defendant has refuted the accusations, stating that all creative works created by him are his intellectual property, with the exception of one article, posted on this site as well, which thoroughly debunks Kenneth D. Jackson's fraudulent CV.
Once again, SCEI-1BLOOD has allowed itself to trip over its own lies by allowing incompetent representatives to act on its behalf.
Some of you are asking, "So where is the lie?"
Well, besides the one mentioned above, one of the publications named in the infringement letter is the CV of Kenneth Jackson found on and This document, within its own body, states that it is the "Who's Who Global Research" CV of Mr. Jackson. The Cease and Desist letter names it as a copyrighted work of SCEI-1BLOOD International and points to the posting of it as evidence.
Here is the lie. Either the CV is property of SCEI-1BLOOD International and was produced by them, and therefore they must admit that they were deceptively listing it as a Who's Who publication, or the CV is indeed a Who's Who publication, and SCEI-1BLOOD is lying about its ownership of the material. Either way, they have once again backed themselves into a corner with no way out but to ultimately reveal their own deceptions.
This type of foolish miscalculation would have never occurred under my watch, but leave it to Iyel Bey to once again leave AP with his foot in his mouth, and no easy way to avoid yet another petty scandal.
If they were legitimate, they would remove people like Iyel from any make believe positions of authority and hire actual professionals to manage PR and protect them from this type of foolish mistake. Besides Mr. Bey's buffoonish clown act in his attempt to pass himself off as a legitimate journalist in "A Closer Look: 1BLOOD" which made a laughing stock out of the administration, he is now playing the part of a lawyer, and moving closer and closer with each mistake to bringing serious legal consequences to Kenneth Jackson and his shady group.
Mr. Jackson, if you are reading this, please do us all a favor, yourself included, and remove this clown from his position. How much incompetence do you need to see before you stop putting your reputation in his hands? We like the challenge of uncovering your misdeeds, its no fun when your own lacky does it for us!
What is more important to note, is the very tactic that they are trying to use to escape from their lies. Instead of defending themselves with facts, and exposing the truth, they have no choice but to resort to shutting us up. This, for the wise, is a clear sign of their guilt. Why are they so concerned with silencing us, when they could just as easily provide documentation of the validity of his CV and put the matter to rest? The answer is obvious! It is because they cannot prove the CV is true, and any investigation, like ours, would only serve to expose more of their lies!
All of the material that has been temporarily removed will be back up within 14 days unless Mr. Bey is prepared to take the writers to court, which would be very bad for SCEI-1BLOOD once an actual judge gets to examine the evidence. So as always, we will just be patient and wait for the material to be republished, or if need be, to utterly disgrace SCEI-1BLOOD and Iyel Bey in court and further advance the cause of Truth.

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