Sunday, January 6, 2013

More SCEI-1BLOOD Deceptions Exposed! A Man of Many Names

Over the course of the past week we have accumulated and thoroughly examined a large number of "news" articles written about SCEI-1BLOOD International, and Dr. Kenneth D. Jackson, Sr.
Copies of these articles were provided to us by our sources within the cult, and are from Kenneth D. Jackson, Sr.'s collection. They are published in West African newspapers and are blatantly obvious propaganda instruments.
After thorough examination of the writing style and techniques, vocabulary used and the overall structure of the prose, we have quite conclusively confirmed that the majority of these articles, published under various pseudonyms and aliases, and which praise SCEI-1BLOOD International and its CEO, were in fact written by Kenneth D. Jackson, Sr. himself! 
Furthermore, we have found no evidence that one of the newspapers even exists. Another newspaper is in question, and our increasing number of friends in Liberia have failed to confirm any records of either. Kenneth D. Jackson, Sr. has established his own newspaper and printing press in West Africa called Global Sovereignty which is an absolutely transparent propaganda tool, and we are at this point considering the likely possibility that he used this equipment to forge other news stories under other fake newspapers.
His confirmed aliases at this point in our investigation are King Ack Bar-Solomon and Alhaji Garba. King Ack Bar-Solomon was a name that Kenneth D. Jackson admitted to have used to one of our sources, solidified by the fact that he wears a gold bracelet at all times which has the name inscribed on it.
A third, fourth and fifth unconfirmed alias at this time are Abayomi Tejan, Winston W. Parley and Nathaniel McClain. Abayomi Tejan appears to be a legitimate person, a photographic journalist in the region, yet close scrutiny to the writing style of the article supposedly published by him relating to SCEI-1BLOOD International appears to confirm that it was also written by the same author of the other pseudonyms. Additionally another article states that Abayomi Tejan is SCEI-1BLOOD's national comptroller in the region, and so it remains to be seen if these individuals are all one in the same.  More so, examination of some of his other writings draw more suspicion. We have contacted the Concord Times and other legitimate news organizations in Liberia to see if they can shed any further light on these mysterious ghost writers, and are awaiting responses.
Some of the main flaws in Kenneth D. Jackson's attempted deceptions are his use of certain words characteristic of his regular vocabulary, and yet highly irregular for not only West Africa, but english speaking journalists in general. A prime example is the word "modality" which he uses regularly in his vocabulary and is an unusual word choice in general and which we find in the articles. Two other words are "impact-full" and "beneficiaries." Another indicator is the consistent use of well known broad spectrum cult brainwashing triggers such as "benefits, applications, principles, ultimate, positive, inspiring, challenges, implementation, constructively, etc," words which he uses excessively in his daily vocabulary and which are found in these articles with alarming frequency.
If one examines random legitimate news articles written in West African newspapers, one finds a very consistent style of writing and vocabulary that is quite different from Western news print. Articles regularly contain typos, simplistic vocabulary and what we would consider to be unusual use of parts of speech and sentence structure. Very rarely are articles highly comprehensive or long winded, and even more rarely do they so thoroughly grasp the complexities of the subject matter being covered. However, all of the articles written about SCEI-1BLOOD International are extremely thorough, they cover all of Kenneth D. Jackson's primary talking points, and more so, they are extremely biased and written as though the author was a proponent of SCEI-1BLOOD International, as opposed to an unbiased third party reporter.
A comprehensive news article has been written and passed on to our affiliates, and we are giving a little more time for more of our sources to respond to our inquiries before publishing it.
In the mean time, we are posting below several examples of these fake articles so that you can examine them yourselves. Take special care to observe the words, phrases and sentence structures used from one article to the next. I think one you have read them you will require little further explanation.




The following is written by Kenneth D. Jackson under his own name. It can be used as a reference point.

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